Setting up the Perfect Restoration Garage


Car restoration is a science, an art form and a rewarding hobby. If you are like many, you could be considering constructing a restoration studio within an existing garage. While this can be a rewarding prospect, there are still a few factors to keep in mind. Notwithstanding tools such as sockets, ratchets and clamps, what are a few other areas that will need to be addressed?

Moving the Vehicle Safely

Moving a vehicle from place to place will provide you with easy access to its undercarriage and other critical areas. Also, you need to be sure that the car is firmly in place to avoid serious injury or damage to the car.


Car restoration is an exacting field. Much of the work that will be undertaken is highly detailed and mistakes can prove to be quite costly. So, it makes sense that your garage should be equipped with only the most advanced lighting solutions. Overhead fixtures are a must but a few hanging lights are also great ideas to have close by. Although some will choose to use traditional incandescent bulbs, these can burn out quickly and the light that they display is frequently more yellow than white. So, a viable alternative is to use LED lighting within the area. The bulbs last an extremely long time and little (if any) heat is produced. Finally, their crisp light is ideal for detailing and other types of repairs.

Dent Removal Kits and Windscreen Repairs

The chances are quite high that a considerable amount of body work will need to take place. So, a handy dent removal kit is often seen within restoration garages. These kits will vary in their size but most of them consist of a frame to be attached to the exterior and a mechanism that will straighten out a dent. As there are many on the market, it is a good idea to only select those which are produced by respected manufacturers. In the same respect, repairing a windscreen with a minor crack is made simple with the help of glass repair kits. These can be picked up at most automotive stores and this makes much more sense than replacing the entire windscreen.

Restoring a car is a great hobby but we should never forget that preparation is the ultimate key to your overall enjoyment.