Restoring Your Old Chevy


The first Chevy was produced back in 1918 and has been a source of pride to millions of motorists ever since it rolled off the production line. A Chevy is a work of art and owners will want to make sure it always looks its best. Here are a few top tips to help you with restoring your old Chevy.

Getting Started

When you first take at look at your old Chevy, it may seem that there is so much to do that the task is overwhelming. The trick to getting started is to focus on one area of your vehicle that you know you can renovate quickly. The sense of achievement that you experience when you complete the first task will help give you the confidence to renovate the rest of your old Chevy.

Removing the Rust

Rust build up is one of the most common problems that Chevys and other older vehicles experience. Not only does rust look ugly, it can also eat away at the metal body of your vehicle and must be removed immediately. Make sure that you buy a professional rust remover solution to make tackling this tough task a breeze. Use a soft wire brush and sand paper to help remove rust quickly without damaging the Chevy. Remember that rust can be found on both the interior and exterior and it is essential to remove any rust that you find from the body as well as the bed and the engine.

Checking the Engine

The Engine is literally the heart of your Chevy, so it will need to be fully checked and cleaned before you are ready to show off your mean machine once more. Since you are doing a full renovation job, it is a good idea to consider replacing your old engine with a newer model. This will make your Chevy run much more quickly and efficiency to your old vehicle and help it perform better for many years. Other parts to clean and possibly replace include the battery, the fuel pump, the thermostat and the electrical systems.

Interior Restoration

Now your Chevy looks great on the outside, it is time to turn your attention to the interior. Replacing worn seatbelts and installing airbags is an important safety measure, while refurbishing the seats and carpets can really help your Chevy to shine.