How to sell restored cars


Restoring antique cars can be a great hobby. It can also become a lucrative business, if done right. It is important to understand the market, to get the most out of your restoration. Like any project, it is important to know how much time and money you are willing to spend on a restoration. Talk to auto-traders and car clubs, and if you are new to restoring, factor in a learning curve on both time and money.

It is important to know what is selling, and who is doing the buying. David Grainger, one of North America’s top restorer, warns that most buyers are nostalgic for the cars of their youth. The current trend is toward 1960-1980 muscle cars. Thanks to the digital age, it is easier than ever to find a buyer for restored cars. Look for websites that specialize in models similar to yours. Consider joining an auto club, which can give you the inside track on upcoming shows and auctions. These are great places to meet buyers and show off your knowledge of your cars. Use classified ads, and compare models online to set a reasonable price for the buyer.

Restoring classic cars can seem expensive and time-consuming, but it can also be a lot of fun. Better, it can be a profitable business. Follow these guidelines, and both you and your buyer will be pleased with the result.